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Sumo Wrestling Event Details

The Robots

The event had eight contenders, all from Brisbane.

The Competition

First the robots competed in a round robin contest for points. Based on the round robin, the robots were placed in the order of merit shown above. The quarter finals were then:

Juggernaught (3)vD9 (0)
D-9 forfeited, as it had lost too much smoke.
It Happens (3)vThe Crawler (0)
It Happens did a lot of dancing around the ring, until the front sensor locked on and anhilated The Crawler.
Insomnia (3)vSam (0)
Despite Sam's gutsy efforts in the round robin the little fella was quickly dispatched by the much larger Insomnia in the QF match.
Sumocidal (3)vToranaga-san (0)
Sumocidal's head down and charge tactic did not leave Toranaga much of a chance.

With all the top seeds through the quarters, the semi finals seemed to be a much closer contest.

Sumocidal (3)vJuggernaught (0)
The score line doesn't reflect the closeness of this contest, with both contenders locking on and pushing hard. However, the Juggernaught's tendency to turn into its opponent proved its undoing -- the temporary loss of shove left it open to a quick strike from Sumocidal.
Insomnia (3)vIt Happens (0)
During the first bout, It Happens lost motor power and couldn't restore it in time, handing a grand final spot to Insomnia.

The GRAND FINAL was undoubtedly the match of the day.

Sumocidal (2)vInsomnia (1)
Round 1. Both robots quicky hit head to head in the centre of the ring, with Insomnia seemingly having the upper hand as it pushed Sumocidal back and to the side. However Sumocidal found traction against a weakening Insomnia and slammed it back over the side.
Round 2. Insomnia attacked with renewed vigour, and managed to hit Sumocidal hard enough to lift the front of the robot. This temporary loss of traction left Sumocidal scrambling, and it was never able to recover traction as it was dismissed from the ring.
Round 3. This was the deciding round. On the start signal, Sumocidal charged quickly ahead while Insomnia inexplicably turned to the right. Presented with a side-on attack, Sumocidal quickly dispatched Insomnia.